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KeyProwler Remote Keylogger - Monitor your computer via the Internet!

KeyProwler offers PC users the ability to remotely monitor a computer via emails, without even having physical access to the PC. You can access the activity logs from anywhere via you favorite email client! ll you need to do is set up keyprowler to send daily logs and point your browser to your favorite email service to view logs of any machines that you have installed Keyprowler Remote Keylogger on! All Keylogger Remote Keylogger logs are protected and secure  - KeyProwler Keylogger is truly an elite keylogger.

Click to View the "How to Remote Keylogger" Tutorial:

Tutorial Video

KeyProwler Remote  Software is the best remote monitoring application that is completely invisible. KeyProwler is simply the perfect remote keylogger download.

KeyProwler is the latest in remotely spy software which could be installed and the logs viewed through email attachments. It also allows you to monitor the target computer from any location through any web browser via your own member account - regardless of whether the target remote machine is online or not! All logs are password protected and securely stored on our server!

One of the most innovative features of KeyProwler Remote Keylogger is the "chat recording" feature. KeyProwler Remote Keylogger is one of a few keyloggers that captures both sides of instant messangers conversations. KeyProwler lets you know exactly what applications were launched, let you see the clipboard data and also duration of their use. You can view  all recorded information immediately in the report viewer. With KeyProwlers innovative report-viewer, you can view color coded logs of all data that was viewed and typed without flaw. KeyProwlers Remote Keylogger can send reports to a secret email address for further remote examination. No one but you can see captured information because all reports are securely encrypted.

KeyProwler Remote Keylogger is ready-to-use by default, right after you install it. In any case you can additionally customize it. You can specify email address for reports and logs delivery. KeyProwler Keylogger Remote is simply the best spy software and family keylogger on the market.

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Please consult your local lawyer to make sure your monitoring activities are legal in your country.