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KeyProwler Keylogger News and Articles

Software Protects Families and Increases Employee Productivity

ANTIOCH, TN, November 17, 2008 --
Many people have reason to monitor their computer and internet activity while they're away. Concerned parents want to keep an eye on the chats their children are having. want to maximize worker productivity by monitoring which websites their employees are visiting. Most computer surveillance software is expensive and difficult to set up however, APAN Software's release of KeyProwler, a family-friendly and employer-centered "keylogger" is set to change that.

"Keyloggers have notoriously been thought of as malicious software programs designed to steal your private information," notes Keyprowler's developer Armando Pantoja. "Keyprowler has taken the focus of recording and monitoring computer activity and put the power of the keylogger to use for real-life applications - like keeping your children safe or by watching how your employees use their work time."

Keyprowler was built from the ground up to be easy to use even for beginning computer users. With just a few clicks, users can elect to have chat logs, programs used, files accessed and screenshots taken - all emailed to them discreetly and privately. A special feature of Keyprowler is the ability to highlight "trigger words" - names, phrases or any word the user wants. When this word is typed, Keyprowler pounces into action, recording a screenshot and pinpointing mention of the phrase - so the user doesn't have to wade through countless pages to find specific details.

This is ideal for recording suspicious conversations, seeing what's being communicated to children or monitoring to see if employees are sharing private company details. About APAN Software and Keyprowler APAN Software is one of the fastest-growing development companies of affordable, user-friendly computer monitoring software. Keyprowler, its flagship software program, allows users to record every keystroke, chat and application opened for maximum safety and user awareness. Its ability to be installed on multiple computers allows for "always-on" PC protection.

Visit www.keyprowler.com for more information.

Contact: [email protected] 1-866-636-0070

 By Bill Mullins, Tech Thoughts -http://billmullins.wordpress.com/

ANTIOCH, TN, October 26, 2007 -- One of my friends has three teenaged boys so it?s no coincidence that I?m called on every few months to clean his home system of spyware, adware, and occasionally, other forms of malware. Despite his setting up clear rules for use for the computer, covering such issues as pornographic web sites, peer to peer downloading, and to some extent social engineering concerns on such sites as FaceBook, teenaged boys will be teenaged boys.

One of the problems of course in assigning blame for the misuse of a PC where there is more than one user involved, is the "I didn't do it issue". In the past, he has been faced with the impossible task of trying to assign the responsibility for breaking the rules to the suspected guilty party. Now there may be a solution. Enter the PC monitoring/Key logger application. I know that there are those who will consider this an overreaction; not many are comfortable with the idea of spying on others.

On the other hand, there are those who will find this solution to be appropriate; particularly where system security, and potentially personal security are involved. KeyProwler is a monitoring application for Windows that is easy to setup and easy to use which allows the user to remotely monitor any PC, secretly or not. It runs completely hidden and does not appear in the start menu, add/remove applet, or in the task manager.

The knowledge that such an application will be running on my friend?s computer, may act as the deterrent it is intended to be, and perhaps convince the boys to follow the rules and act more responsibly (my friend?s definition), while using the family computer. For those who are more seriously concerned with remotely monitoring a PC, then this application may well be the right tool for you.

Following a simply installation, the program records all activity on the computer and will transmit log files directly to the user?s email inbox. No complex email setup is required, simply enter the email address and KeyProwler does the rest. Start/Stop buttons make logging easy. As well, KeyProwler lets you read messages sent on MySpace, FaceBook or any other internet site, and snaps a screenshot of pages viewed.

Release of KeyProwler 3.0 - Improved Version

ANTIOCH, TN, December 18, 2007 -- Apan Software will be releasing KeyProwler 3.0, The new and improved version of KeyProwler with a new user interface, improved keylogger engine, new export feature which allows a user to export files to external media. Apan Software is very excited to see the new performance of this new and exciting release. Apan Software sends thanks for all the support we have received and we would love to hear from users about KeyProwler or anything else you want to say.

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