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Monitoring of Employees with KeyProwler Keylogger

Web surfing cost companies & firms millions of hours of wasted downtime. 
Monitoring of Employees

KeyProwler is an innovative pc monitoring and internet filtering application designed to protect intellectual property, reduce internal threats, monioring of employees, and reassure compliance.

From workers viewing personal emails, instant messaging acquaintances and family, playing games, and surfing on sites like YouTube and MySpace, these fruitless activities are all a reality for every single company today. The only dependable way to diminish these threats is to ensure that you can see into employees� activities. Having access to the employees� activities at the PC level instead of at the network level provides organizations with the ability to view online activities - not just the information over the network.

KeyProwler Monitoring Software runs entirely hidden without alerting a user that his or her PC is being monitored. If a computer�s activities need to be monitored, you can do so because KeyProwler is completely invisible.KeyProwler does not show up in the start menu, add/remove programs, or in the task manager.....

KeyProwler uses superior technology for monitoring of employees to remain hidden from user. KeyProwler is not disturbed by many popular anti-spyware and anti-virus software applications and they can't see that KeyProwler is running!

KeyProwler presents invisibility with the capability of remote monitoring (Logs are sent to any email) to guarantee that you can monitor a computer�s daily activities without disturbing users. So if you will be using KeyProwler to monitor a family member, an employee, or anyone else, you will be using superior technology for PC Monitoring with KeyProwler.

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Please consult your local lawyer to make sure your monitoring activities are legal in your country.