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KeyProwler Software Keylogger for Internet Surveillance

KeyProwler is the top Software Keylogger & monitoring software because you can remotely: Read every email that is sent or received on host computer, and ever message sent on MySpace. See all Instant Messaging or Chat windows (both sides of conversation) Take Screenshots of the screen - enabling you to see everything, including photos and video on YouTube and Myspace. Take screenshots based on "Trigger" words that you choose, whenever someone enters a word on you list, a screenshot is take and saved.

Unlike other keystroke loggers and key loggers, KeyProwler Software Keylogger can send Logs By E-mail Every X Days, KeyProwler will send the logs files to any email address you supply, No need to set-up complex smtp email servers and other nonsense, just simply supply your email address and KeyProwler does the rest! Easily and without hassle.

KeyProwler does all of this completly hidden from the user! You secretly set intervals that you want logs to arrive to your inbox. Very useful for those people who don't have everyday access to a particular machine due to work school or other reasons. KeyProwler can also be set to delete logs after they are sent!

Using KeyProwlers Email & remote Keylogger option, You can remotely log keys and view all the logs files without the need to access the computer running Keylogger.

KeyProwler still logs even when a user signs off. KeyProwler records keystrokes, and when the user signs back on, the keystroke data gets sent by email.


"KeyProwler is a serious software keylogger application. Since I don't have a spouse, and my children are too old to monitor their Internet usage, my primary purpose in using KeyProwler is monitoring employees access to the Internet, monitoring employees who insist on breaking the rules I have established for Internet usage. The keystroke recorder feature has been very effective as a deterrent in this respect."
Bill Mullins, [Networking & System Security Analyst.]

I have got to tell you, KeyProwler Software Keylogger is working extremely well! It is the best computer monitoring software that I have found so far and believe me, I have tried quite a few monitoring software over the past few weeks! Keyprowler is by far the easiest one.Thanks again for all your help and for the great product. Have a good one my friend."
Debbie W, [Accountant, Mother of 3]


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Please consult your local lawyer to make sure your monitoring activities are legal in your country.