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Keystroke Logging with KeyProwler!

If you do not want your children visiting Internet sites that you do not approve of you, then you need to get KeyProwler Keystroke logging application now to monitor their activities. Every day in the news we hear about online �hackers� who steal credit card number, and break into government systems, in many instances they are just kids. A child does not need to have any special knowledge to start illegal activities online. When an online crime is committed, the computer owner is held responsible, and many times this is the unsuspecting parent. There are many hacker groups that kids can join online to get started with illegal internet usage. After reading a few documents and downloading a few applications, a young person will be able to steal passwords and credit card info from reckless Internet users. Protect yourself and your family from doing any kind of illegal activity by using KeyProwler keystroke logging.

KeyStrok Logging Log File You need to install KeyProwler Keystroke Logging Application on your child�s PC. It runs hidden until you press a custom key combination and is hidden in the Windows Task manager.

KeyProwler logs all keystrokes along with the name of the program that was active when the keystrokes were entered.

You can review this info directly by pressing a secret combination that you choose or by viewing a log from that particular day. Or, you can choose to receive daily reports via e-mail.

You can also benefit from installing KeyProwler Keylogger and start keystroke logging today on your own PC. Everything is saved in log files, so you can never lose anything you type ever again, this included essays, emails, and other correspondence via KeyProwler keystroke logging. This will allow you to easily restore any information on your computer if need be.KeyStroke Example

User Warning! We do not recommend that you use KeyProwler Keylogger for keystroke logging or spying on your spouse, friends or colleagues or anyone for whom you do not have permission. While, with KeyProwler, it is possible, you may have legal problems using KeyProwler like this. Spying on PC users may be prohibited by the law in your country. It is a good idea to consult with your lawyer or other legal counsel before using keystroke logging to spy on others.

Keyprowler Keylogger is GUARANTEED for keystroke logging  to record every keystroke, important screenshot and website visited - or you pay nothing! Get your free Keylogger Download Now!

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90 Day - Money Back Guarantee


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Please consult your local lawyer to make sure your monitoring activities are legal in your country.